Visa Services

The Navigators handles visas for any country that you may require. Our services begin from explaining the documents required for the visa, checking them, suggesting which additional documents can be included to increase the chances of successfully getting a visa. We also ensure that all documents and forms are checked and then double checked even by the applicant if necessary to ensure error free processing. We try to make it a point not to waste time at any process so that we can ensure timely submission of the visa application. We also educate the client regarding how to handle interview questions.

We specialize in non-immigrant (visitor and business) visas for all countries but we also provide assistance for immigrant and student visas for certain countries.

We maintain a policy of honesty and truthfulness in all our services, including the visa applications. We understand the sensitivity attached to this work and are aware of the sentiments of our clients. Our services our supported by an experienced team and offered at competitive rates along with our highest standard of customer service.